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Deterministic DungeonEdit

Deterministic Dungeon is a web browser flash based game created by Pesto Force and published on Armor Games and Kongregate on 26th of April 2016.

About the gameEdit

The Story

The game follows a lone video game programmer called Mr. Pasta. After another failed attempt to create a decent video game he imagined, he gave up. Then he turned around and tells the player (a fourth wall breaking) that he/she is in charge now and can do his work. Pasta also presents a blank character to the player.


By genre, Deterministic Dungeon is rogue-like role playing game (an RPG). Player has to explore dungeons, fight opponents and collect loot. Unlike other RPGs that can be found on web, this one contains unique game mechanics.

The game is played with mouse, although word "played" is not very accurate since player doesn't have 100% control over game.


Various tasks, interactions and game data, such as dungeon paths, treasure chests, exits, number of opponents and loot, and their types are spinning in trivia-alike roulette. The roulette stops after player presses a big red button.

When player enters the dungeon, the roulette with opponent number starts spinning. If number of enemies is zero, the player automatically goes to next dungeon. If the number is one or more, the player has to spin an opponent type roulette. If he/she defeats it, then loot number and loot type roulette is spinning.


It can be earned by defeating opponents and looting chests.

Weapons: Different roulette with different damages.

Shields: Decrease enemy damage inflicted during fights.

Scrolls: Different scrolls have different effects to opponents or player (increase weapon damage, poison enemies, restore health, etc.)

Helmets: Blocks damage. Increases overall health.


The three enemies that appear in the dirt layer are

Slimes: Standard enemies that can be killed with one hit.

Goblins: Armed with various weapons, such as sais or axes. Have 2HP points.

Trolls: Similar to goblins, they are also armed, but with much heavier weapons like maces or hammers. Have 3HP points.

Community reactions

The game was positively accepted by web community, although lot of people are complaining about game mechanics that are too dependent on random factors.